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 Mohammad Farahmand 09-16-38 21-12-2015

Very Nice
Very Very Nice

 zeljko adzic 00-34-54 29-09-2015

ремебер время

 Игорь 21-37-06 10-11-2011

Всегда любил Вас

 Milla_hr00-55-12 22-12-2009

milla_hr passed away

feith has disappeared..

good bay green eye

 heart08-12-08 19-08-2008

 Zeljko06-15-53 19-08-2008

Hi Milla you forget... you are one pice of my. like one rock on big wall.

 desire 01-32-33 06-08-2007

she coold like ice... heart stone...

 zeljko 19-46-46 27-05-2007

Hi, nick can you concact me... I lost you e-mail adess...

soone is possible

 nick09-01-59 22-03-2007

ask Zeljko Adzic, he had this idea, a few years ago. His open letter published in Net. A good way.

 dabitt []16-23-20 21-03-2007

Hello.I need help.Who will prompt, as it is possible to write the letter to Mila so, that it of 100 % would read through it. I wish to ask about the help, - there are bases. Somebody can will prompt any references?

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